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The Ultimate WP SEO Checklist is an intelligible, actionable, 156-point, step-by-step guide to every important SEO action you need to take to optimize your website and drive more organic search traffic.

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There is an assumption that SEO is very complex and hard to do. But actually it is not! SEO is really simple, if you know what to do… And this is EXACTLY what the Ultimate WP SEO Checklist is here to help you with.

SEO really is as easy as following a Checklist! I’ve done all the work for you – I’ve researched the steps, the processes, the tools, and more importantly the results. And because this is still evolving and I’ll continue to add content and new resources, it is yours today and forever for FREE!

The content and resources in the Ultimate WP SEO Checklist is easily worth hundreds of dollars! But I want you to be successful with your side-hustle or business like never before – that’s why I am sharing it with you – TO HELP YOU!

SEO is as Easy as following a Checklist!

introducing the ultimate wp seo checklist

The Ultimate WP SEO Checklist was designed with SEO and specifically WordPress in mind. It is an intelligible, actionable, step-by-step, 156-point framework to help you take the right actions towards improving your search rankings and drive continuous organic traffic to your site. It is the most comprehensive SEO guide you’ll ever need to get you on Page #1 in Google Search!

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The Complete 156-Point SEO Checklist! I am still developing a lot of the extra content incl. SOPs, Videos and more, and that’s part of the reason why this is FREE. I will continue to develop, improve and deliver updates, so get it NOW!

No Order Bumps. No Upsells. No hidden Fees.

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SEO Basics

Everything needs a foundation. The basics to set you up for the real work that follows. SEO is no different.

● How to set up Google Tag Manager
● How to set up Google Search Console
● How to make you visible in other search engines
● Set up Keyword Rank Tracking

...and much more...

User Experience (UX) SEO

Google takes the visitor's experience they have on your site seriously. You should too. If Google doesn't agree, they won't send you traffic.

● Setting up SEO-friendly Permalinks
● How to test for mobile friendliness
● Web Accessibility, Usability & Readability
● Checking website load time & Performance

...and much more...

Performance SEO

Your website needs to run like a well-oiled machine. You should do everything possible to ensure your site loads lightning fast.

● Media Optimization
● Checking website Core Vitals
● Setting up Caching
● Using Content Delivery Networks

...and much more...

Technical SEO

The Technical aspects of your site is very important. Google must be able to read and interpret your content.

● Setting up preferred URL version
● Create and submit your Sitemap
● Check and fix Index Coverage issues
● Set up Keyword Rank Tracking

...and much more...

Content SEO

When you write high-quality and helpful content visitors will consume it, other sites will link to it and Google will reward you for it.

● Keyword Research
● High-quality Copywriting
● Fixing content cannibalization
● Beneficial Purpose, E-A-T and YMYL

...and much more...

On-Page SEO

Simply put, write content for both people and Search Engines. For Google to Crawl and Index and for people to read and understand.

● Writing optimized Meta content
● Use the right keywords in the right places
● Write high-quality content
● Create Feature Snippets

...and much more...

Off-Page SEO

These are all the external factors that help drive traffic to your site. In order for people to find you they need to know about you.

● Implement a Link building Strategy
● Use Social Signals to boost Page Ranking
● How to Promote your content
● Competitor Analysis

...and much more...

Local SEO

This focuses on your surrounding area reach. People look for businesses near them & if done right, Google will help them easily find you.

● Claim your Google my Business listing
● Submit your business on Apple Maps
● Local Review and Ratings
● Local Business Schema markup

...and much more...

Get the Ultimate WP SEO Checklist today and move one step closer to improving your rankings and securing yourself a place on Page #1 in Google Search.​

Easy to understand and follow. Lifetime Access. Free Updates.

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UWPSEO Mockup and SOPs

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The Ultimate WP SEO Checklist is an intelligible, actionable, 156-Point, step-by-step guide to every important SEO action you need to take to optimize your website and drive more organic search traffic.

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